Big Red Button Safety Policy

Purpose: This policy establishes guidelines for the implementation and use of an AI Emergency Stop (Big Red Button) mechanism to ensure the safety, security, and ethical operation of AI systems within our company.


  1. AI Emergency Stop Mechanism: All AI systems developed, deployed, or used by our company must incorporate a clearly identifiable and easily accessible AI Emergency Stop (Big Red Button) mechanism. This mechanism must be designed to immediately halt the operation of the AI system in case of unexpected behavior, potential harm, or any other concern that warrants immediate intervention.

  2. Accessibility: The AI Emergency Stop mechanism must be accessible to all authorized personnel who interact with or manage the AI system, ensuring that any individual with the necessary authority can swiftly and effectively halt the AI system's operation if required.

  3. Training: All employees working with AI systems must receive proper training on the use of the AI Emergency Stop mechanism, including the scenarios under which it should be activated and the steps to follow after its activation.

  4. Incident Reporting: Any activation of the AI Emergency Stop mechanism must be reported to the designated AI Safety Officer or team immediately. A thorough investigation of the incident must be conducted, with findings documented and shared with relevant stakeholders to prevent recurrence.

  5. System Resumption: AI systems may only resume operation after the AI Emergency Stop mechanism has been activated upon the completion of a thorough investigation and approval from the AI Safety Officer or team, ensuring that the underlying issue has been adequately addressed and mitigated.

  6. Continuous Improvement: Our company is committed to continually improving the AI Emergency Stop mechanism and the overall safety of our AI systems. Lessons learned from incidents and ongoing research will be used to enhance the efficacy and reliability of the mechanism and ensure a safe and responsible AI implementation.

Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all employees, contractors, and partners who work with AI systems within our company. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or contract termination or a potential mass-extinction event. Up to you. This was totally not written by AI.

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